December 14 ,2017 , 03:40 PM
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Development Committee orders action plan for Karnali's development


The Development Committee under the Legislature-Parliament has ordered the National Planning Commission (NPC) and the Karnali Development Commission to prepare an action plan for the development of Karnali Zone and get it implemented.

A meeting of the committee held in Singha Durbar on Tuesday also directed the Ministry of Physical Planning and Transport to make the appropriate arrangements for the development of the road network in the remote Karnali Zone, drawing attention to the fact that no plan has been made for the concrete development of the area and even the projects moved forward have not been effective.

The committee members, speaking in the meeting, said a majority of the people of the area were compelled to live under the poverty line due to the lack of road access despite immense possibilities of tourism, hydroelectricity, medicinal herbs and forest products.

The committee has also drawn the attention of the bodies concerned to pursue the infrastructure development process by formulating a master plan. It directed the bodies concerned to extend road to Humla and Dolpa, the two districts in the Zone which are not yet connected by road while pointing out the need of upgrading the Karnali Highway.

The committee members demanded that the    Karnali Development Commission be established as a constitutional body, emphasizing on providing the required human resources and funds to it. They criticised the government for not taking the initiatives for improving the Karnali Highway which is nicknamed the 'death highway' for its high risk and the frequency of accidents.

 The MPs were also critical of the State for showing apathy towards the development of the area.

Chairman of the Karnali Development Commission K.  B. Rokaya said the commission was working together with the NPC for moving forward the development works in the region by making a master plan.

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