October 24 ,2017 , 05:57 AM
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Special envoy to aid Nepalese relocation from Iraq
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday appointed one of its senior


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday appointed one of its senior joint-secretaries, Arjun Kanta Mainali, as the "special representative of the foreign minister for the welfare of Nepalese living in Iraq", tasking him with coordinating with all relevant stakeholders to ensure measures to pull Nepalese out of the troubled country.

Mainali, who is well versed in Arabic, will be stationed in Kuwait and will work as a “roaming” ambassador . He is authorised to take decisions and make recommendations to the government on necessary rescue measures. He will travel to Iraq, Turkey and Iran as required, said Minister for Foreign Affairs Mahendra Bahadur Pandey.

 As the security situation deteriorates in Iraq, coordinated efforts have been essential to facilitate the relocation of an estimated 20,000 Nepalese working there. 

On the basis of seven terms and references, Mainali will coordinate will the government, Nepali missions in Islamabad, Nepalese living in Iraq, officials at Iraqi Foreign Ministry, international humanitarian agencies such as Red Cross and International Organization for Migration and embassies of neighboring countries based in Kuwait for arranging safe evacuation of the trapped Nepaliese.

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