October 24 ,2017 , 05:50 AM
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Foreign power centers have long been furtively fascinated with Nepal's fragility. It has been dominantly clear particularly in the political developments unfolding after April Uprising.

Following the People's Movement (II), the political parties signed one deal after another with agendas like abolishing monarchy, federalism and declaring Nepal a secular state.

But, unfortunately, such agendas were strictly shady in their nature.

First, they were orchestrated by keeping the general people completely in the dark. Second, these political schemes were driven more by the hegemonic desire of foreigners rather the genuine mandate of the April Uprising.

When it comes to federalism, western countries sponsoring ethnic politics is not a nebulous fact. The ulterior motive behind is to meet their own vested interest by inviting ethnic strife in the country.

Lately, it has become crystal clear that the agenda of secularism was also contrived in foreign land. And again the hidden intention is malicious. It is a ploy to wreck the social. cultural and religious fabric  of Nepal.

Some Nepal-based international missions and embassies have long been secretly pushing such agendas here in the country. 

So, the recent sermon delivered by the United Kingdom (UK) ambassador to Nepal Andy Sparkes is not at all surprising.  

He unhesitatingly told the CA members to adopt the right to change one's religion under the new constitution.

The UK is a country where non-Christians are not allowed to act as head of state.

So, it is more than ludicrous to see the British envoy blatantly advocating for religious conversions here in the country.

By doing so he has not only lampooned basic diplomatic norms but also undermined the sovereignty of Nepali people.

Such being the reality, the criticism against Sparkes from various quarters is well justified.

There are suspicions that western countries are on the prowl to create religious disorders in the name of secularism. And, the recent posture of the British envoy has lent some credence to such doubts.  

It behooves the government to seriously deal with any dubious activity from any foreign diplomats. They must not be given carte blanche to interfere in the sensitive issues of national interest. Since the country is at the juncture of constitution-writing process, any mishandling of naked foreign intervention could prove a big disaster. 

Thursday, Dec 18, 2014 12:43 pm

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