December 14 ,2017 , 03:40 PM
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WM Correspondent


WM Correspondent

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a bunch of captivating promises in his recent visit to Nepal.

He not only announced credit worth $1 billion for infrastructure projects prioritized by Nepal but also committed to commence the long-delayed Pancheshwor Multipurpose Project, the centerpiece of Mahakali Treaty.

The project is still in limbo due to the Indian unwillingness to move ahead with it as promised while signing the Treaty some 18 years back.   

Construction of the Raxual-Amalekhgunj Petroleum Pipeline, which has been confined to mere talk since 1995, and transmission lines are other pledges made by Modi.

So much so, while addressing at the Nepali parliament, he expressed his wish to see Nepal well equipped with roads, information and technology and transmission line.

However, doubts are palpable whether the Indian premier is really sincere towards his "spellbinding" commitments.

Nepali people are bound to take what Modi verbally offered with a pinch of salt.  Several alluring promises were made in the past too but the Indian side has grossly failed to implement them. So, there is enough room to suspect whether the latest posture of Modi is more about ostentation.

Even though he has vowed to buy electricity from Nepal, it will be a knee-jerk reaction to subscribe to it immediately.

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