October 19 ,2017 , 02:16 AM
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Worst fear comes true


Finally, the worst fear came true. The second Constituent Assembly (CA) also pathetically failed to produce the constitution within the parties’ self-imposed deadline of January 22.

This tragedy was followed by the display of the barbaric instincts in the CA hall.  It was just another reminder of the inherent flaws of Nepali politics.   

Like in the case of its previous version, the sanctity of the second CA was also fell prey to the political myopia and manipulation.  The politicos were so obsessed with their self-centric interest that they continued to disregard the contentious issues of new constitution.  They never showed an iota of seriousness to sit together for healthy solution of such issues like federalism, form of governance, electoral and judiciary system.

Preparing as vital document of national importance as constitution certainly demands a great deal of political will and acumen.

But unfortunately the political negotiation process for it was just fraught with the orgy of mudslinging.  The rancorous bickering for trifle issues rendered every negotiation no more than a farce.

Negotiation complexity was chiefly emanated from key leaders’ uncontrolled power mania in post- constitutional environment.

Particularly the issues of federalism and governing structure of state were supposed to determine their political fate. So they had deliberately shied away from making compromise out of their greed to grab power in post-constitution political set-up.

Thus, it was no surprising to see them beginning the conversation from scratch each time they sat for it. The lack of clarity on division of work among leaders as to who is negotiating with whom for finding solutions to what issues of the constitution was obvious.

Moreover, a mechanism to decide on how the outcomes of multiple layers of negotiations would be incorporated into the key negotiation process was also grossly missing.

 Of course, there was also the preponderance of Intra-party and inter-party political rifts over the constitution-drafting process proved simply vicious.  As such, the second CA was also neutered from upholding the mandate of People’s Movement II i.e rescuing the country from political crisis via constitution.

What is really heart-wrenching is that the parties are still lampooning the genuine needs and aspirations of the people and the country. Even after their disgusting failure to fulfill their obligations, they have not ceased from displaying ludicrous political drama.

The ruling parties-Nepali Congress (NC) and CPN (UML), which together hold two-thirds majority in the CA, are trying to deliver a new constitution based on numeric advantage. On the other hand, the opposition alliance led by UCPN (Maoist) is bent towards more aggressive protests in the name of fair and inclusive constitution.

It appears that the current flow of politics is further pushing the entire country into the edge of more chaos.  

Thursday, Jan 29, 2015 4:09 pm

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