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We turn 45


When one keeps walking despite obstacles, he/she is sure to achieve newer milestones. With the same conviction, The Weekly Mirror (TWM) continued to move ahead in its mission. And, finally, it has entered into its 45thyear of establishment.  Our mission was/ is simple as it is all about living up to the basic tenets of journalism. That is why TWM has tried its best to adopt fairness, forthrightness and courage to bring truth into light.

Being one of the oldest journals in the country, the paper has witnessed every major political, social, economic and cultural event over the last four decades. It will not be preposterous to say that we have avoided prevarication, prejudice and distortion while presenting news and views. Perhaps, this commitment is what that has helped us to buoy up despite numerous challenges. We have successfully withstood the test of time by strongly abiding by our basic principle- Journalism is for people and nation.

With modest happiness, we assert that fabricating hollow propagandas has never the priority of our pen. More than self-centric profits, our prime areas of focus are on genuine interests of the nation and the people. This, we unfalteringly believe, is the best journalistic method to uphold the value of the right to information. Any media worth its salt would commit a big blunder if it downplayed its duty towards peace, stability and development.   

So, we have always been seriously committed this fact. Pinpointing the rights and wrongs with clarity and conviction is the prime philosophy of TWM. Needless to say, our country has long been marred by a myriad of anomalies. Political stability continues to be an illusion with politician showing brazen infatuated with just power and privileges. This has not only severely stifled the economic growth but also encouraged social malaises like corruption and crime.  As a result, the common people have always been brutally subjected to poor service delivery on the part of the state. 

In this light, TWM, since its inception, has tried its best to raise the real issues of the people and the nation truthfully and insightfully.

On this joyous occasion of our 45th anniversary, we express our hearty gratitude to all our readers, advertisers and well-wishers alike for continuously assisting us to do so. Without your warm and inspiring support, TWM would not have able to reach where it is now.  While we mark this anniversary, TWM family also pay tributes to late Ram Babu Tiwari who established this publication. This man showed the great spirit of honesty and courage to move forward the publication amidst many vexing problems.

Lastly, we renew our commitment to tread on our future path by putting the people and the nation at first.        

Thursday, Apr 02, 2015 1:18 pm

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