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Exposing Forces Behind Balochistan Massacre



The incident of killing twenty labourers on April 11, 2015 by sub nationalists in Turbat’s Gogdan area of Balochistan is very sad, regrettable and inhuman. Those killed were very poor people from Sindh and South Punjab, working for development of the local people of the area, besides earning their own bread. Their only blunder was that they were not native of the province, thus had no right to work there. This is not the first incident of killing non Baloch people, but there have been hundreds of thousands of such incidents, some were reported whereas many could not be registered. In October 2014, eight labourers were kidnapped from a poultry farm in Sakran area, surrounding of Hub, identified as ethnic non Baloch and fired upon, killing all by Baloch sub nationalists. According to former Director General Frontier Corps, Major General Ejaz Shahid, there are over fifty militant camps of Baloch sub nationalists, operating in various parts of the province. 

The recent campaign against non Baloch started in late 1990s, once Akhtar Mangal becomes the Chief Minister of the province. However, it maintained a low profile until the military operations against the Ferrari camps in some parts of the Province in 2002/3. After killing of Bugti in 2006, there came an impetus in the campaign. So much so that many educationists, doctors, engineers and other professionals of various fields, who were serving the people of Balochistan in their respective fields in various capacities were killed, threatened or else humiliated. Under the threats to their lives, an overwhelming number of the people had to leave the province, causing huge vacuum in almost each field. This was a huge loss to the province particularly the youth of the province, who need to be educated and groomed to play their parts in the national development, provincial betterment and progress of their respective areas and families. 

By social setup and nature, the Baloch society is essentially a tribal society and very patriotic and loyal with their land and country. They are very simple in their life style, follower of traditions, social customs and obedient to their tribal elders. The element of obedience and loyalty of the people of the Balochistan province has mostly been incorrectly exploited and misused by many in their history. Indeed, the innocent Baloch, their dedication and loyalty to the soil and physical strength was misused for the vested interests of their tribal elders and others alike. 

They were kept ignorant of their basic rights and duties too and framed to follow the elites, in the accomplishment of foreign agendas; mostly personnel and against the state, the local society and the province. These few, mostly foreign funded elites, had two motives to pursue: one; provoking the local people against the state to exploit the Federal Government, in order to get economic and political benefits, which are never for the people. Two; being used by anti state forces, to create instability and disturbances in the provinces in the name of rights of the people or else asking for the separation to threat the very survival of the state of Pakistan. The current wave in the province has its connection outside Pakistan. There is a historical linkage to this wave of violence and sub-nationalism. In the previous history, the former Soviet Communist regime has been involved in creating the separatists and insurgents in the province with a motive to either reach over to the worm waters or else downplay the British India. Later, the Soviet Regime and Kabul Regime continue playing with the sovereignty of Pakistan through provocation of few tribal elders of Balochistan. This was a time New Delhi became an ally of Moscow and Kabul. Subsequently, this tri-angle played well against the state and society of Pakistan and made utmost effort to create and continue funding the insurgents in the province.

The Soviet disintegration in early 1990s left the space open for others. Indian spying network, RAW, which had already succeeded in the disintegration of Pakistan, the East Pakistan into Bangladesh, filled the vacuum of foreign agents and took over the control of insurgents and separatist in the province. They made use of Iranian soil, which went against Pakistan over the issue post Soviet Pakistani support to Mujahidin Govt. This process continued and Indian RAW trained Baloch separatists in India and created a huge network of these people through huge funding and by providing weapons and equipments. After the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, CIA and some other global spying network joined hands with RAW. They all collectively operated against the state of Pakistan for the separation of this province. It is worth mentioning that, the province of Balochistan had geostrategic as well as geo economic significance for these external powers. They have been making use of Afghan soil for harbouring and logistically supporting the terrorists and separatists.

The Indian RAW has been killing the Baloch people in the past to apportion the blame on Pakistani security forces . The Turbat incident has once again created a dilemma for the Federal Government, the province and security forces. As per the Chief Minister and Home Minister of Balochistan, there is a definite foreign hand behind the incident. This is committed by the frustrated elements, who felt that the law and order situation has improved and they are losing their significance and local have understood their ill-intention and covert plan of playing in the hands of their foreign masters. 

The Government should expose the forces behind the incident and through media. International community should be informed about their brutal activities. Should not the organizations dealing with human rights condemn those separatists and their international supporters for killing these poor labourers. The LEAs and intelligence agencies should trace those involve in the killings, their network within Province and elsewhere and people in the province and entire Pakistan should be told about the nefarious designs of handful Raw funded separatists, who brutalize the people on the foreign directions.

Friday, Apr 17, 2015 12:25 pm

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