December 14 ,2017 , 03:36 PM
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Dr. Bhattarai to develop his constituency into a role model


UCPN (Maoist) senior leader Baburam Bhattarai has issued a concept paper to develop the Gorkha Constituency No 1 as the model constituency of the country. Leader Bhattarai is the elected representative from the constituency.

Leader Bhattarai made his commitment paper public on the occasion of the New Year's Day in the district headquarters, Gorkhabazaar, on Tuesday.

The concept paper envisages developing the constituency as the model one after developing almost all infrastructures. It states that the developmental activities would be carried out with the support of the government, donor agencies, non-governmental organisations, entrepreneurs and civil society.

Leader Bhattarai expects to make the constituency productive, generate employment and promote sustainable development and self-dependency with the participation of the people of all level and sectors including the deprived and subaltern groups. Loans would be provided to the youths through cooperatives at nominal interest rate for undertaking commercial farming, Bhattarai added.

The concept paper mentions providing food grains to the people of the marginalised Chepang community of different five VDCs of the district by setting up the Chepang Development Fund as they were facing famine for a long time.

Similarly, he has proposed to welcome about 10 million domestic tourists in the district annually as the district was the place of origin of the national unification campaign.

He expects to reduce illiteracy, social malpractices and dogmas in the district. Bhattarai has formed a committee of experts representing the different sectors for the purpose. 

Friday, Apr 17, 2015 12:27 pm

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