October 24 ,2017 , 05:20 PM
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Indian savagery goes on


It has been a month since India imposed economic sanctions on Nepal in a blatant way. The movement of cargo trucks including fuel tankers from India continues to face repeated restrictions from the Indian authorities.

As such, Nepal has been reeling under the yoke of the severe scarcity of petroleum products-the lifeline of national economy- along with vital commodities for the past several weeks.

It is because of this reason that this year’s Dashain also proved utterly lacklustre.  

More that 60 percent of the vehicles were forced stayed away the road during the peak travel season due to the fuel crisis.

There are now apprehensions that the gloom could prevail upon the upcoming Tihar, the festival of lights, as well.

During the India visit of Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kamal Thapa last week, he was assured that the supplies of essentials, including fuel, would be gradually eased.

However, even after a week of his visit there are virtually no signs that India is interested to walk its talk.

In fact, the Indian authorities have been telling a series of brazen lies vis-à-vis the blockade.

The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) continues to tell the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) that it will increase supplies but in practice the former is only duping the latter.

New Delhi cites “security problems” in the Nepali side of bordering areas due to the agitation of Madhesi Morcha for throttling the supplies to Nepal. And this is outrageously ludicrous. 

There has been no movement of petroleum tankers even from those border crossings where there are no obstructions. 

For instance, the fuel supply from the custom points like Jogbani and Kakadbhitta is being stopped even these points have seen any obstructions  triggered by the Morcha from in the last two weeks.

Through its blockade, New Delhi has lampooned the transit right of Nepal as a landlocked country and violating internationals laws that guarantee it.

What the mandarins of the South Block are currently doing is nothing less than a political savagery.

The Indian establishment is making Nepali people suffer severely in order to meet its hegemonic interest i.e to turn Nepal into a vassal state of India. The Nepali authorities must show enough guts to strongly tackle the onslaught of the Indian hooliganism.  Any inordinate delay in this regard will be strictly inexcusable.

Friday, Oct 30, 2015 12:26 pm

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