October 24 ,2017 , 05:19 PM
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Hurry up! the clock is ticking quickly


Saying that Nepali people are facing profound toughness in their daily lives will not be preposterous.

And, more unfortunately, this has come at a time when they should be celebrating the festivals with revelry.

Thanks to the blatant blockade being imposed by India on Nepal, they have been reeling under acute shortages of fuel, including cooking gas for the last six weeks. Apart from other commodities, there is also a scarcity of as sensitive things as medicines along with oxygen cylinders.

Some of the households as well as eateries are being forced to use firewood in order to cook for the lack of the gas. But, firewood is also getting scarce and difficult to procure and its price has quadrupled.

To make matters worse, Nepali consumers are finding it too hard to find every kind of heater in the market.  

The heaters are convenient for cooking but rely on electricity, the supply of which is strictly insufficient and unreliable.  

The onset of the winter is sure to prolong the period of power outages. This can only be expected to intensify the sufferings of the commoners.

On the other side, things are looking grimmer for the thousands of victims of the April 25 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks. It has been six months since the disaster, and the reconstruction work has not even begun.

Owing to the fuel crisis coupled with the winter season, the already miserable condition of the victims is bound to deteriorate further.  According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, 80 percent of the goods that were to be supplied to the quake victims are stuck in warehouses because of the fuel shortage.

They will be forced to face a great suffering this winter if they do not get proper supplies of food, medicines, blankets and warm clothes, among other necessities.

The agenda of reconstruction and rehabilitation seems to have been hijacked by other “more pressing” national problems. That is why the National Reconstruction Authority continues to remain in limbo due to the lack of Reconstruction Bill.

The continued lethargy on the part of the government to prioritize the reconstruction process will act just as a recipe for another crisis. 

Prime Minister K.P Oli is executing his responsibility at a time when the country is literally in one of its most tough periods.  So, his government really needs to pull up its socks and do the needful without much ado. Hurry up! the clock is ticking  quickly.  

Thursday, Nov 05, 2015 1:24 pm

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