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The Indian economic blockade imposed six weeks back is really creating havoc in the country. The shortage of essential commodities like fuel continues to smoother the daily lives of Nepali people.  Black marketers are increasingly leaned to fish in troubled waters. 

 Nowadays even vital medicines are in short supply. Bir and the Teaching hospitals, on which the vast majority of Nepalis rely for tertiary care, are reporting the fast depletion of essential medicinal goods like saline water, oxygen cylinders and antibiotics.

 If their stocks are not replenished at the soonest, they will also be unable to provide even emergency services, including surgeries.  Basic drugs like paracetamol are running dry in the hospitals of the Mid-Western and Eastern regions.

Over half of the population i.e 57.3, who earn less than US $ 2 a day, are on the brink of more deprivation due to the ongoing Terai unrest coupled with the Indian blockade.

In fact, as many as 15 million people are economically paralyzed due to the embargo imposed by the southern neighbor for the last one and a half months.

It is estimated that the national economy is losing a shocking Rs 2 billion every day due to the ongoing political turmoil.

All this suggests that the country is on the verge of unprecedented economic and humanitarian crisis.

Such being the reality, the coalition government led by Prime Minister K.P Oli must gird up its loins to overcome it.

It has been more than three weeks since the government was formed. But, PM Oli is yet to give a complete shape to his cabinet mainly due to differences within the ruling party. The craving of too many people for grabbing the ministerial berths has led him to walk on a tight rope.

However, he cannot afford to waste too much time in finalizing the size of his government as the nation is passing through the most difficult moment in history.

According to experts, it also behooves PM Oli to appoint experienced, qualified and sincere people in his cabinet considering the sensitivity of the current national turmoil. "And any delay in this regard will be unwarranted," they argue. 

Thursday, Nov 05, 2015 1:38 pm

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