December 14 ,2017 , 03:31 PM
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"Mobilize NA without much ado"


WM Correspondent

The country is on the brink of humanitarian and economic crisis as a result of the three-month long banda in Tarai and over two-month long Indian economic blockade.

However, the government has not taken effectively measures to mitigate the negative impacts triggered particularly by the Terai unrest.  

The agitating Madhesi parties continue to disrupt the movement of essential goods across several customs points along the Nepal-India border, thus creating acute shortage of such commodities in the country.

The Nepal Police and Armed Police Force are, of course, being mobilized to control the violent Terai protests and help ease the supply of essentials across the country.

However, they are facing hard time to do so as the protestors are increasingly going berserk by launching assaults on them with sharp domestic weapons and petrol bombs.

On Saturday, the cadres of the United Democratic Madhesi Front in the Siraha district rounded up the police personnel patrolling the highway, apparently to escort vehicles heading towards their destinations. 

They even went to the extent of attacking ambulances carrying sick people, torching a medicine-laden truck apart from vandalizing and setting ablaze a number of other motor vehicles.

The government on Wednesday announced a special security plan to deal with the belligerence being shown by the UMDF particularly across the central and eastern Terai.

According to experts, the government should not hesitate to mobilize the Nepal Army (NA) by realizing the gravity of the situation.

"The Madeshi parties are not only hell-bent to cripple the daily lives of people but also to lampoon the territorial integrity of the country through their seemingly separatist agenda. So, the mobilization of the NA will not be gratuitous at this critical juncture," they view.

There are also views that the NA personnel could also be deployed to improve the road connectivity of Nepal with China.

The country is in dire need of fuel from the northern neighbour due to the halt of supply of the same from India.

They can well be urgently mobilized for at least the reconstruction of two key trade routes with China-Rasuwagadhi and Tatopani- which have been damaged by the April 25 earthquake.

Friday, Nov 27, 2015 1:26 pm

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