October 24 ,2017 , 05:51 AM
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Ex-rebels take on farming as new revolution


Local youth are doing collective farming‚ being inspired from the ex-combatants.

These people reached everywhere across the country during wars in course of the decade-long insurgency.

There is a natural curiosity among public over what former Maoist combatants who dreamt of capturing the state power through war are doing at present.

Of the 35,000 combatants, 19,000 were certified as members of the Maoist army. But, only around 3,000 people showed interest in integration with the Nepal Army.

Of those who returned homes, some have been working in the party and some are in the Gulf for jobs.

And, some former fighters in the district are running small businesses in their villages and nearby markets.

Among them, Hitman Surkheti 'Nawin', who fought in hundreds of fronts of war, is now busy in vegetable and fruit farming. Surkheti, once a Brigadier Commander of the Maoist army is now busy in vegetable production and animal husbandry in Dhowadighat plains of Ghyalchok VDC in the district.

After Surkheti and his seven-member team earned more than Rs. 200,000 in the first month, other former comrades of the party are also attracted in agriculture for livelihood.

Former fighters have been visiting their farm registered under the name of Martyr Memorial Vegetable and Fruit Cooperatives.

Tuesday, Sep 30, 2014 2:05 am

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