December 14 ,2017 , 03:38 PM
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Do not hoodwink again!


Dr. Govinda KC broke his 10th fast-unto-death for 22 days on Sunday following the 12-point understanding between him and government representatives. Though this is a welcome move, the repetition of the disappointing past trend of not implementing agreements is likely.  So,Dr KC is rightly saying he is ready to once stage hunger strike, if the implementation of the latest deal is also ignored.

That the aging medical professional has been compelled to put his life on the line time and again aptly proves that the government did not take the agreements seriously.   

The Sunday agreement has, of course, crucial points in it.  Formation of a high-level commission to look into the charge of misuse of office against the vice-chancellor of Tribhuvan University (TU) within two weeks,future appointments in vital public institutions like the Institute of Medicine (IOM) on strict merit basis are among them.  Similarly,MBBS fee for medical colleges in Kathmandu valley has been fixed at Rs 3.85 million while those outside the valley can charge Rs 4.24 million in maximum. 

Another worthy point is that the proposal to establish IOM, the body responsible for both granting affiliations to medical colleges and monitoring them, will be tabled in TU senate within three weeks.

Furthermore, it is agreed that the first installments of theMBBS/MD fees will be deposited directly into the bank accounts of respective colleges in order to prevent these medical colleges from cheating. 

No doubt, the political parties have been meddling and manipulating the IOM to fulfill their foxy interests since the 1990 democratic changes. 

It is not for nothing that DrK.C has been tirelessly saying the political class has been bent on destroying the country’s medical education in collusion with the medical mafia. 

Such anomalyis also degrading the status of theTribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) under the institute, which was known as among the finest medical colleges in South Asia.

In this context, Dr KC is struggling hard to restore those glorious days of the TUTH apart from rescuing the medical sector as a whole from the abyss of malpractices. 

In fact, his strike to enable each and every Nepali to have access to quality and affordable medical care by smashing the rent-seeking  mafia is widely applauded.  Not only various social and professional organisations but also commoners are standing firmly behind Dr KC in his courageous crusade to help turnaround the health sector for good.  

So it will be wise for the government representatives not to again try to bamboozle him and common Nepali. 

Friday, Dec 09, 2016 11:53 am

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