December 14 ,2017 , 03:45 PM
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India bent on disintegrating Nepal


WM Correspondent

India has been making brazen attempts to manipulate Nepal’s new constitution for its own hegemonic desire.

Recently, the Kathmandu-based Indian embassy called the leaders of the Madhes-based parties for lunch and ordered them to support the controversial bill regarding the constitution amendment. 

The bill, which seeks to separate the hilly districts from Province Number 5, is covertly intended to create territorial secession in the long run.  The mandarins of New Delhi want to jeopardize the country’s territorial integrity by creating ethnic rift between the Madhesi and hilly people.

That is why the Indian establishment is so much obsessed with getting the bill endorsed in the Nepali parliament,

It is not for nothing that Vikas Swarup, spokesperson at the Ministry of External Affairs of India, some days back cunningly termed the bill as 'an important step '.

The economic blockade blatantly imposed by the southern neighbor against Nepal last year had much to do with this fact.  It had made such outrageous move as the federal model proposed by the constitution was not in line with its ulterior motive.  

To justify its inhumane blockade, the Indian establishment had cited that Nepal’s constitution was not inclusive enough to accommodate the concerns of every stakeholder. This was utterly ludicrous as the Nepali constitution is far more progressive that the Indian one in terms of granting rights to the backward communities. 

The way the Madhesi parties behave suggests that are acting as political stooges of the Indian establishment. For instance, their demand of the creating two provinces based solely on the territory of Terai serves the Indian stratagem. The “big brother” has long been eying the southern belt as it is rich in natural resources including important river systems. So, it is using the Madhesi leaders as pawns to capture the Terai resources and further its malicious interests vis-à-vis Nepal. 

That is why such leaders have dared to demand two Terai-based provinces when they do not even have a majority in all the districts in the southern plains. Similarly, their oft-repeated warning that Terai may secede from Nepal is also manifestation of their political loyalty to their New Delhi based masters.  

Many Nepalis are aware that India in collusion with Madhesi leaders is bent on jeopardizing the territorial integrity of Nepal. The widespread anti-India sentiments prevailing in the country attest to this fact. 

Friday, Dec 09, 2016 11:57 am

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