October 22 ,2017 , 12:26 PM
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PM Koirala meets his Indian counterpart Modi in New Delhi


Prime Minister Sushil Koirala on Tuesday held a meeting with his Indian counterpart Narendra Damodardas Modi in New Delhi.

On the occasion, the two prime ministers discussed about the matters relating to different aspects of Nepal-India relations, bilateral cooperation and mutual interests.

PM Koirala apprised the Indian PM of contemporary political situation in Nepal and progress over the constitution drafting process.

PM noted that Nepal was an old and deeply valued friend with whom India shared history, geography and ancient civilization ties. He added that it was his earnest desire to visit Nepal this year.

The Prime Minister expressed his appreciation for the political progress achieved in Nepal and conveyed his sincere hope that the constitution would be adopted in the one year time frame that Nepal has set for itself. He expressed his determination to further strengthen connectivity and economic inter-linkages between India and Nepal including projects for rail and road connectivity.

The PM stressed the importance of expediting implementation of these projects and particularly projects in the hydropower and transmission sectors.

He thanked Nepal for the ongoing security cooperation between law enforcement agencies on both sides.

Prime Minister Koirala who was in New Delhi in course of attending the swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected PM of India, had separate meetings with the heads-of-state and the government chiefs of SAARC countries.

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